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Tipping Point

Programme Management and Project Management

for digital and social innovation 

Strategic, Creative, Agile, Smart



"Karien is an intelligent, versatile and caring individual. Her originality, creativity and solid academic foundation in a number of subjects make Karien a great sparring partner. Whether you need long-term strategic advice, a person to get events produced on the double, or access to a network of global changemakers, Karien is your woman. Bas van Abel, CEO Fairphone

"Thanks to her expertise, strong track record and excellent communication skills Karien runs projects successfully from start to finish with real energy and vision." Jelmer Lesterhuis, Director, Waag Society

The secret to a great innovation project is allowing people to play to their strengths. Intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals, I Iet everyone in a team do a lot of what they do well.

Continuous collaboration between users and designers, supported by a flexible and interactive project management style that focuses delivering great projects to the finish line.​


With a passion for science and technology, I'm specialized social innovation using digital technology.

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