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Institute of Imagination



Every child is born with the capability to imagine – bursting with curiosity, wonder and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But children today have less time and space than ever to flex their imaginations.


The Institute of Imagination is creating a climate where ideas can thrive. A new way to develop future generations of makers, not just consumers. And a public space that prioritises imagination, working with experts, teachers, parents and – most important of all – children. All united by the belief that imagination matters.


As part of the research & developement the Imagination Lab creates a dedicated space where imagination can unlock the fantastic future ahead of us. The lab is a space for dreaming up the future where children can create their ideal world of things that matter, from the homes and cities we live in, to how we move around, to the food we eat, and anything else they can imagine.


Role: Imagination Lab Programme Manager
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