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Why Tipping Point...

"Thanks to her expertise, strong track record and excellent communication skills Karien runs projects successfully from start to finish with real energy and vision." Jelmer Lesterhuis, Operations Director, Waag Society.




With 12 years experience in the creative industry, a BA in business, an MA in mass communication & culture and an upcoming degree in Geoscience, I have developed a solid knowledge of science and technology, business, consumer research, project and design processes, prototyping and product development.


Additionally I'm a lover of yoga and contemporary dance (Dutch champion 1993, runner up in 1992), mountains, hicking, random science facts, coffee&chocolate and my 2 crazy kids.



As a freelance project manager, I am available for project strategy, project & programme management and production. Both in the UK and the Netherlands.


Additionally, I work as an interim manager, for small departments (maximum 5-10 people) that need extra support, for example in the case of maternity leave.


Day rate £ 450



Network of collaboration

A good team always exceeds the sum of its parts. The Tipping Point network aims to offer just that. The choice of an experienced project manager with access to a wider network of communication, technology, data and business specialists to drive projects from idea to reality while ensuring high quality and expertise.

Anna Melville James - Journalist & copy writer


Desiree Lucchese - Sustainability consultant


Elizabeth Elford - PR & advocacy






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